can any one tell me?????????????

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Step 1: Write a problem statement for what you want to do
Step 2: Write an outline, if it is complex
Step 3: Write up a section in pseudo-code (English instructions)
Step 4: Write the section in the programing language of your choice
Step 5: Compile the program.
Step 6: Run your program and see if it makes the computer do what you wanted.
Step 7: If not, fix the program, and compile and go back to step 5. Otherwiae release / turn in your program.

  1. Learn to write code in C++ (not a trivial exercise).
  2. Learn some C++ game API's that will make your work easier (not a trivial exercise either).
  3. Design and model your game (what, where, how).
  4. Implement it in the API of choice.

FWIW, NathanOliver's post was spot on.

How far your game goes depends alot on the operating system, SDK and programming language. For instance, I ported an SDL tutorial based on Tic-tac-toe over to SFML and felt that further improvements can be made if SFML can simplify networking API (2 player mode) and/or Image class that supports copy-on-write memory management.

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