Am looking for a way to add a custom item image in icon view on a listview the icons I want to use is a single image bmp file with 4 icons on the image so I need a way to select each image on the file and a nice clean way to update the room icons at any time with out no flickering, I have done this before using a imagelist but I would really like to just to keep all images as bmp format so that the users can make there own custom icons at anytime, can anyone help?, I have attached a sample room image

thanks alot

You can use an image list and still allow users to load their own icons into that list at run time. It would be much better to load the custom images into an image list rather than load them into the list view, with all the extra work that involves in splitting the single bitmap into multiple icons. Changing the images in the image list this way should not produce any flicker when the list view gets updated with the new images.

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