Hey everyone,

I have an assignment for tomorrow and I don't have any clue about this last question.

"Q5- Consider a waiting queue in a bank with customers who are issued direction slips. They are asked to move to following service terminals depending on their customer numbers being divided by
2: for personal banking, slip number between 200-299,
3: for corporate banking, slip number between 300-399
5: for customer representative, slip number btw 500-599.
When each terminal reaches the respective limit it rounds back to lowest value. The queue runs in first-in first-out stack structure. Implement the queue by using links with customer’s first name, last name, customer no, transaction date, and leave of the customer to shallow the queue, (40 pts)."

I'm about to flip out so please guys, help me !

Are you expected to provide code for this or some sort of pseudocode describing how you would implement such a thing?

Have you been given any example cod eto build from or are you to complete this from scratch?

In general, we do not provide free homework answers. Show that you have made some attempt and you will get more focused and helpful replies.