can someone enlighten me what 's the difference between having a codeless database conenction and using manual code to connect to database. which is better?

for me, i think it is easier to do database using connection using object properties like datasource, datamember. i find it difficult using manual coding to connect to my database and uses alot of coding space.

From myself, I will always coose ADODC Type object variable. Though an ADODC DataControl Object and an ADODC Object variable, both do their work same or less equal. In 1st case you never change the path of the Datasource programatically and also some times the recordset can initiate an error of object reference if you try to use it in form load event. 2nd one is more flexible.

you're right. i cant change the path when im using codeless connection. i always need to copy-paste my project in drive C because i created my database on C.

need to learn syntax on the 2nd~ thanks.

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