Hi the line with image4.picture don't work
the rest of the code is printing out as
it shall do.
The image4.picture is in hidden position
and the path is Okej.( can see it when the image4 is vissible=true)
How or where is the problem ??
Help is use full with some code to solve the problem.
the parameters for Woorksheets are

    Dim objXl As New Excel.Application
    Dim objWb As Excel.Workbook
    Dim xlTmp As Excel.Application
    Set xlTmp = Excel.Application

objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("A3") = Image4.Picture

    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("G4") = Text2.Text
    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("F9") = Text3.Text
    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("G9") = Text4.Text
    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("B14") = TxtVref.Text
    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("D14") = TxtErref.Text
    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("F10") = Text7.Text
    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("F11") = TxtPostNr.Text  'Text8.Text
    objWb.Worksheets("blad1").Range("G11") = TxtPostAdr.Text 'text9.text

    **Bold Text Here**
    Thank's in advance (bonzo2008,,Lenny)

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It should be

objWb.Worksheets("blad1").PasteSpecial(Format:="Bitmap", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False)

Suppose it can help you.


I have tried yor suggestion but it halts with this error

Compile Error
metod or datamember not found

at this line

Clipboard.SetDataObject (Image.FromFile("app.path &\rent.jpg"))


Thanks for all the help..
I have after long long time of testing and searching the net
I have got this code to work perfect.

Dim msotrue

With objWb.ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(App.Path & "\rent.jpg")
    With .ShapeRange
        .LockAspectRatio = msotrue
        .Width = 175
        .Height = 125
    End With
    .Left = objWb.ActiveSheet.Range("a3").Left
    .Top = objWb.ActiveSheet.Range("a3").Top
    .Placement = 1

Many Many thank's to all of You
Best Regards Bonzo2008 ( Lenny )

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