Hi .
I am new to java. I am implementing a functionality where by a user fills some textFields and the data is added as a new row in a Jtable.The table will hold more than one row before saving. I created the table using netbeans Swing controls. its variable name is tblLists and has colums X1,X2,X3,X4. I wanted a code that after clicking a button,the new record is saved as a new row in the Jtable. after that, I will loop through the contents and save to mysql DB.

There are lots of examples on the web that yu can find with your favourite search engine. There's no need for anyone here to write another one.

Anyway - are you trying to learn to write java or just learn how to use the clipboard for copy/paste? Do yourself a favour and try to write it. That way you'll learn a lot more.