i wrote a (visual basic.net-2008) desktop app that allows ham radio operators to enter a call, such as WA0H, and the program gives the ham's location (springfield, mo.).

you can download the program free from my website .. www.wa0h.com

i want the program to display the ham's location on a google map using google's api-v3.

i have created an (html/javascript) webpage, where you enter the location in a form box, click a (find) button, and the app displays the map ok, including a marker pin on the map.

??? how do i run the (webpage) from inside my (vb.net) program ???

my vb.net program needs to:
1 .. pass the address to the webpage
2 .. click the webpage (find) button

thanks for your time.

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Use a webbrowser from toolbox menu

1 .. pass the address to the webpage


2 .. click the webpage (find) button

webBrowser1.Document.All("Button ID").InvokeMember("click")

Good Luck

hi oussama .. thanks for the reply.

WebBrowser1.Navigate(https://Maps.Google.Com.....) no longer works, it returns a scripting error message. google now requires you use their (api).

the (html/javascript) webpage, which is inside my vb.net program, will not display a google map until the user enters his address. the vb.net program needs to pass that (variable) address to the (html/javascript) code, and trigger the webpage.

that is what i can't find out how to do.

jerry .. wa0h

Hmm.. try this here

thanks oussama, i will give it a try

??? will the 2 year old method work with the new google api method which also requires you to have a key, which i do.

jerry .. wa0h

lol, hope so :D
good luck

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If you want to launch a webpage from VB.NET you can do:


It will launch the URL in the "default" webbrowser. This is Internet Explorer, however if the user has installed another browser such as Google Chrome and set it as the default browser, that will be executed instead to load the webpage.

If this isn't what you asked for, my apologies.

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