Hello, I am working on a project with the following directions:

Store a name as ASCII Hex values in an array – enter Hex values into ASM source code directly. First character of first and last name is Capitolized, all other characters are lower case.
Output 3 different strings:
1. Name as entered.
2. Name converted to all uppercase.
3. Name converted to all lowercase.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can start? We haven't gone over arrays that much and I can not seem to find much on the web related to my problem. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Which assembly language is this? Every CPU has its own. Strings are arrays of characters, and depending on language/code a character may take one or many bytes. Are the strings coming form i/o? are they null terminated or of known length? What character set are they in? USASCII/iso8859-1/latin-1/EBCDIC/utf8/unicode all use different case systems.

It is x8086 assembly. The strings will be initialized and null terminated, so something like:

nameArray   DWORD   41h, 6Eh, 74h, 68h, 6Fh, 6Eh, 79h, 00h

They have to be intitalized in ASCII and then I need to loop through it and print the string out. Sorry for not being clear.