Hello, I am working on a project with the following directions:

Store a name as ASCII Hex values in an array – enter Hex values into ASM source code directly. First character of first and last name is Capitolized, all other characters are lower case.
Output 3 different strings:
1. Name as entered.
2. Name converted to all uppercase.
3. Name converted to all lowercase.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can start? We haven't gone over arrays that much and I can not seem to find much on the web related to my problem. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Which assembly language is this? Every CPU has its own. Strings are arrays of characters, and depending on language/code a character may take one or many bytes. Are the strings coming form i/o? are they null terminated or of known length? What character set are they in? USASCII/iso8859-1/latin-1/EBCDIC/utf8/unicode all use different case systems.


It is x8086 assembly. The strings will be initialized and null terminated, so something like:

nameArray   DWORD   41h, 6Eh, 74h, 68h, 6Fh, 6Eh, 79h, 00h

They have to be intitalized in ASCII and then I need to loop through it and print the string out. Sorry for not being clear.

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