Hi guys, I am trying to create a piece of software that can incorporate the attendance of a student and show it in a graph style layout on screen.

I have a ''TDBgrid'' which i am using to represent the names from my database but i am unsure on how i can link them to some form of table or how i go about designing an attendence record to show if a student has attended a session or not.

Any suggestions? I need it to SHOW the data on screen as a visual aid rather than a series of yes or no boxes for each day/month/year

You could consider the grid just as a series of boxes with each box representing a student's attendance on one day. Color the box one color if the student attended that day and another color if they were absent. That would give a quick visual impression of their attendance record.

Another option would be to use TChart to graph a students attendance in days per week/month, or as a % of full attendance.