hi there. Could you please help me out? I am a student and I started to learn Delphi to build an application for semestre exam.It is about students evidence. So I have downloaded Delphi from Embarcadero site and I`ve started reading the help manual..I want to use MS SQL Server 2008 and Delphi to build my app. And now I have a form and I inserted from DBExpress a stored procedure component; i have made my connection to the db engine correct, and i have passed to the procedures at the parametres property, field values --> the names of a few edit buttons. I have 5 edit buttons and 5 parametres at the procedure and when i click a button insert i want to have inserted in the db those records.so next i have placed a button and at the click event i wrote the code my storedprocedure.ExecProc; and that gives me an error it is saying that the ExecProc is not a valid argument of mystoredprocedure. what should i do?
I admit that i don`t know how to use the db Express Components..and i don`t know if i should use providers..and datasets..i have just dragged the procedure from right panel..please help me out...i have tried to search for a result bot nothing
ps i am sorry for my bad english

Hi there,

If your new to delphi i think it's safer to start with VCL forms - and when you save be sure to choose the 'save all' opton. You will then need to select a folder (you know the story) and when you choose a file name, be sure to put _u after it, once you click save there will be another save tab,type the exact same name but this time _p after it. so then you'll know wich one is the project and wich one is the unit.

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