i want to build program that recive (c code in txt file) then searching for words (int , double, char, float) and count number of vaiables appear according to that. then store the variables in array (e.g. int x; i want to store X in array and so on). i build code that search of word e.g (int) in file and count number of its appearance, but still i dont know how to extract the word after the searched word. (e.g X,Y..etc)

Show the code you have now and we should be able to help you modify it.

this is the code.. the code recivices file and earch for a word in a file if found it store the line in array.. what i want to do, is searching for a word if found i need to store the word next to the searhed word. e.g. if text file inclue the following text ( int x; int y; cout<<"hi";x=5; x=y+z;) when i searched for int word both x,y stored in array. then after that search for the last place where x and y appeared and store x=y+z. how i can do so??

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <sstream>

int main()
    std::cout  << "Write the path of the file\n" ;
    std::string path ;
    std::cin >> path ;
    std::string line;
    std:: string names[50];
    std:: string output;
    std::ifstream file( path.c_str() ) ;

    if( file.is_open() )
        std::cout << "File '" << path << "' opened.\n" ;

        std::cout << "Write the word you're searching for\n" ;
        std::string word ;
        std::cin >> word ;

        int countwords = 0 ;
        std::string candidate ;
        int i=0;
        while( file >> candidate ) // for each candidate word read from the file 
        //  std::cout<< candidate<<"\n";
            if( word == candidate ) 
            { ++countwords ;
             file >> output;
             //getline (file,line);
            //  std::cout<<line;

           std:: cout <<"input size="<< (countwords * 32);
        std::cout << "The word '" << word << "' has been found " << countwords << " times.\n" ;
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