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Has anyone know to use voice commands on Android phones?

I am developing a clock that is capable of displaying numbers and words. I would like to extend my project and to add GSM module so it is capable of receiving msg. I would like to use Android system and to use Google voice commands as user input so later user input is sent like msg and at the receiving end the msg is displyed.

I am am good at c and c++ but I also have some sort of knowledge about java.

I am looking how would I be able to translate the problem described above into similiar code like this:

//wait untill user says something
string word;


I have a book for developing basic apps on Android, so I would be cappable of putting a button 'press to speek' on the screen.
is there any simple solution to this problem?

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A quick Google showed loads of tutorial or sample code for Android voice recognition - including this one in Java

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Domn't know what was wrong with that link. I just tried it again and it's OK

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Which language do you want to use?
Also consider breaking your problem into small chunks for example:

  1. capturing voice from the user
  2. translating captured input to text(words)
  3. displaying the text on the screen

This way your problem will be easily understood.

Nation, thanks for the very precise comment. I only need help with the first two steps: capturing voice from the user and translating captured input to text.
I would prefer Java language since I have a book 'Android Application Development for beginners' and the book uses Java. However, the Java is not the language I am good at but I think I would manage since Java and C++ have very close syntax.

In the step 2, where the voice command is translated into text I need to translate the text into simple ASCII code before the text is being sent out. The problem is I use microcontroller to implement the displaying and I would have problems how to interpret the code with C language and it would not be good to use additional libraries to decode the text into ASCII because this would overload and slow down all the controller and also it would limit the small memory the chip has.

A quick Google showed loads of tutorial or sample code for Android voice recognition - including this one in Java

James, your link does not exist as I try to click on it

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