On my Raspberry Pi computer I did a search for PIL and matplotlib with
apt-cache search python
but could not find anything close in the list.

Is PIL/Pillow and matplotlib available for Linux and what is it called?

The Raspberry Pi has Python27 and Python32 installed.

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On my system it is

sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib python3-matplotlib python-pil python3-pil

It is easier to find packages with aptitude

sudo apt-get install aptitude
aptitude search pil

Pillow fork dos more than just bugfix of orginal PIL.
It now comes with new stuff and serval improvements.
So it can be smart to get Pillow instead of PIL.

In Kubuntu, aptitude says that the new python Pil is a fork of Pillow.

It is my understanding that pillow has basicly taken over the further development of PIL.

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