please assist by explaining what this code is trying to do - i mean the logic.

if ((InteractiveForm.this.tableModel.getRowCount() - 1) == row &&//i dont understand this line(the logic)
                     InteractiveForm.this.tableModel.addEmptyRow();//this is where we append a new row

the whole program can be found here

any explanation is greatly appreciated.

Presumably the row variable contains a row number in the range 0 to (n-1) where n is the number of rows in a JTable, and InteractiveForm.this.tableModel is a reference to the JTable's table model, in which case...

InteractiveForm.this.tableModel.getRowCount() gives the number of rows, so
InteractiveForm.this.tableModel.getRowCount() -1 is the number of the last row

so that code is testing to see if row refers to the last row in the table

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Hie James,

Thanks very much for help, now i understand it better.

So this means getRowCount() works the same way length() works in arrays?

I was wondering why do we have to subtract 1.

Yes, it's a bit like length() for arrays - just tells you how many rows there are.
You subtract 1 because the rows are numbered 0 to (n-1) (just like elements in an array).
So if there is 1 row, it's number 0. If there are 2 rows they are number 0 and 1. Etc.

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Hie James,

Thanks very much. My code is working now.
This forum is wonderful.

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