******I need help with my project. Here's the specs**********
For this project you will implement an AVL tree template and use it to create a database for a music collection. Logically,
each node of the AVL tree will store a record containing information about a particular recording artist:
artist name (a string of unspecified length, duplicate names are not allowed)
a dynamic list of recordings by that artist; For each recording you will store a title, format and year.
The AVL tree will use the artist name as its primary key field. All string comparisons will be case-sensitive.
The AVL tree index will support the usual (instrumented) search, insert and delete operations.
On startup, the program will read a text file containing recording information, and build an AVL tree containing nodes for
those recordings. Next, the program will read a command file and carry out the commands, writing any output to a log file.
How can I read text file containing recording information and command file ????