Hello All;

What i need to do is to display 1000 logs coming from the server into 20 rows continuously.Does anyone have any idea??
I am storing the data strings coming from the server into the vector container. And that i have to display continuously from 0th Row row to 19th row i.e total 20 rows continuously, till the 1000 logs are complete.

I have 20 rows and i need to display the data in format like, deleting or storing the data from the first row into the vector and then move it continuously from the bottom to top ie if 1st row has 999th log then after 1st fill 19th row has 980th log now after that we have to store 999th data in vector and decrement log count from bottom row i.e 19th row like 979,978,977 and so on.

Please help if anyone has some idea.

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I'm confused. Are you talking about a circular buffer?

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I'm confused. Are you talking about a circular buffer?

I have done massive amounts of log file processing in real time (millions of records per hour). Please be more clear on your objectives. What EXACTLY do you mean by "display 1000 logs coming from the server into 20 rows continuously"? You are processing 1000 log files/streams? You want to display them 20 rows at a time? Please elaborate.

Yes, I want to display 20 logs at a time continuously upto 1000 logs are completed.We don't want to use circular buffer instead. What we have is 20 string fields and we are listening from the server. We want to display the first 1000 logs from the server into 20 rows. At first, 20 logs are filled into 20 rows from 999 to 980, but now i want to know how can i display the remaining logs continuously upto 0th log.

Please, help me with this.

You are not being specific -- your question is very vague.

So far as I can tell, you want to display 1000 things in 20 slots, but without any way of recycling the 20 slots.

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