Hi guys! I was wondering if there is any way that I can get Visual Basic 6 to run in Windows Vista? If not, will it work in SP1? I have done so many research but I can't find any answers.. Any help will be greatly appreciated.. Thank you..

visual basic 6 smoothly runs in windows 98,win2000,winme and win xp operating systems.

so it should run in sp1 also.
though i have not tried sp1 yet but i hv implemented a project sp2 which is higher than sp1. it ran without a single piece of problem.


it run good in sp1. i use it in sp1

I am currently running visual basic 6 on Vista and I didnt have any troubles untill I upgraded from home premium to ultimate edition... I need to reinstall vb6 then it should work fine...

it works fine - you just need to go to windows update and get a patch for it first