You work for a company which mainly trades with 3 other companies. You record your balance in a file (you can still use cin or scanf to read or if you want you can read from "input.txt" file) with the following convention:

Debit of Company A
Credit of Company A
Debit of Company B
Credit of Company B
Debit of Company C
Credit of Company C
Question: Write a program that is going to read debit/credit information for 3 companies. Then, it will find out for the following:

Total debts,
Total credits
The most debited company according to the balance
Input specification
You will be given an integer (n) the number of transactions where 0 ≤ n ≤ 2000. Then, in each of the following n lines you will be given 2 numbers :

Operation Code: an integer from 1 to 6 (where 1 means Debit of Company A, etc.)
The amount: a floating point number which is between 0 and one million
Output specification
Show the following information (floating point numbers with 2 digits precision):

Total debts,
Total credits
The most debited company: a char of (A or B or C)
Sample Input I
2 59
6 154
2 187
5 497
5 31.5
3 488
Sample Output I
1016.5 400 B
Explanation: The balance according to given information is:

Company Total Balance
A Debit 0 246
Credit 246
B Debit 488 -488
Credit 0
C Debit 528.5 -374.5
Credit 154
Then, the most debited company is B.

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please help me i have to give teacher after 1 hour

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