the monthCalendar how to i selct the date it will come out the timein & time out and name even i chosse anydate will come out

 Private Sub MonthCalendar1_DateSelected(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DateRangeEventArgs) Handles MonthCalendar1.DateSelected
        Dim calendarselct As String
        calendarselct = MonthCalendar1.SelectionRange.Start.Day.ToString & "/" & MonthCalendar1.SelectionRange.Start.Month.ToString & "/" & MonthCalendar1.SelectionRange.Start.Year.ToString

    End Sub

I personally don't get you straight, but I think you want to have a calendar where you will select the date and you want that selected date to be transferred somewhere like when you select a date you want it to be displayed on Label, but I don't understand on IN and OUT and the time those are things I don't understand.

Please try en-lighting me there so I could try helping you.

Inspite of MonthCalendar1_DateSelected() event handler use ** MonthCalendar1_DateChanged()** event handler.