I don't know that this discussion is relevant or no in this community, if not I am really very sorry.

I work in a software company from past 1 year. From last few days I start learning python. I know little bit of unix & shell scripting.

My quesions are :

1)What is the best way to learn python. (I start reading a book "Learninng python 4h edition by Mark lutz, O'RILLY").

2)Is it enough to learn only python to make a good IT career or I need to learn any more language along with python.

3)How to proceed to make a good carrer in IT with python.


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C++ and Python complement each other, so you should have a good knowledge of those two languages. Once you are learning C++ then Java isn't far off. Unless you are a genius, it will take a lot of coding and exploring to get to know Python thoroughly enough to pass an employer's hiring test.

The basic syntax of Python is easier to learn then C++ or Java, but the real power comes in the use of its many modules. You need to be able to produce well tested programs.

For me Python was a good application language for scientifc projects. Where you needed to know the underlying science very well and develop a program rather quickly.


You are getting into an era when even small police departments have to hire experts to spy on their more evil citizens and fight internet crime. A job glorified by a deluge of "shoot'em out" TV shows. They make the nerds look more handsome too.

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