Hello everybody.
I'm looking for a good cool and fun DDOS script in python.
Any suggestion?

How can I create a good fun DDOS script using URLLIB?!

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Do you really mean a distributed denial of service attack ? Where would it be funny or cool ?

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Why 2 members gave me 2 negative points?! What was the problem of my question?

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Asking for help in an illegal activity is a violation of Daniweb forum rules, specifically:

Do not ask for help to pursue any illegal activity including, but not limited to, hacking and spamming

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You are right I'm sorry for the question. Of course I didn't ask it to do an illegal action. I was going to test the security of my frind's server to make sure about it's security as we were trying to work on it's security... but anyway i forgot about DaniWeb ruels so sorry.

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