The reason the label "disappears" may be due to the use of an absolute label location X and Y values after the Picturebox is made the parent.

Try this:


        'Make labels transparent and set locations 

        With Label3
            .Text = "A"
            '.Location = New Point(62, 39)
            .Location = New Point(.Location.X - PictureBox1.Location.X, .Location.Y - PictureBox1.Location.Y)
            .ForeColor = Color.DimGray
            .BackColor = Color.Transparent
            .Parent = PictureBox1
        End With`

This may work if called only once upon initial Form Load, but if called a second time, the location calculation may give unpredictable results.

Are you sure of the location that it correct? And also if you say if calling it secondly you mean you have a code for it in Form load and also some where else?

PictureBox is the Parent Control of the Label, So I think that no need to use the methods PictureBox1.SendToBack() and .BringToFront(). Remove them.

Your problem is in calculation of the location of the label. Simply store the location in a point variable. If you want to display at same position assign the variable to the location property.

        Dim pnt As New Point
        With Label3
            pnt.X = .Location.X
            pnt.Y = .Location.Y

            .Text = "A"
            .Location = New Point(pnt.X , pnt.Y)
            .ForeColor = Color.DarkGray
            .BackColor = Color.Transparent
            .Parent = PictureBox1
        End With

Hope it should help you.

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