I have a project where I have 2 textboxes called "Name program" and "Error" where I have to write data in, Once I have wrote the data I have to import these 2 textboxes into an SQL database so it has to show like this in the database:

Name program / Error
Program 1 Error 1

and so on, importing the data shouldn't be a problem, I just need to some assistance putting it in the SQL database.

Thanks in advance

Hi GianiD, welcome at Daniweb.
Assuming you're using vb.net, google for a course on DB. Example

Also check this solution here.


I found the solution to my problem and I have filled my database with data however I would like to add a button to my form where I can open the database and show the data i have entered in it

Would you use a DataGridView for that?

Yes that is what i'm trying to get

I've found the solution already, thanks for helping anyway