I started learning python a few days ago, i want to learn both python and C++
What is your advice ?

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Sounds good to me.

i never touched phytho in my life i don't know how hard is it or easy but i'm learning c c++ and java same time this is how i do:
in my book i note the difference betwin 3 langauges.
and ii make same exercices in both languages.

Python is a run-time compiled scripting language. C++ is a compiled machine-level language. With python, you can edit your source code and run/test it immediately. With C++, you have to compile and re-link your application after editing the source code.

A lot of people like python, and it is used for a lot of system tools. C++ is mostly used for the most complex and critical systems since it is rigorously defined and supports native C code for low-level hardware access. IE, I know of C++ used for real-time applications such as aircraft and nuclear power plant control systems, but python for such? Not likely!

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