hi guys

havent been here for a while, but I have a question for you all.

  1. how do you write a java object-oriented program
  2. is it the same as a java program or different
  3. does it have any similarities between both program
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There's no one absolute definition of "Object Oriented", so different people will give diferent answers to those questions. Here are my first attempts:

All Java OO programs are Java programs
All Java programs are OO to some degree because that's how the API is designed. Some people write Java programs with no OO content apart from the API calls (eg applications where all the code is the main method.)

Here are the key indicators to show that a program is "Object Oriented":
It has multiple classes whose names are nouns that correspond to real things in the application domain.
There are many public methods whose names are verbs that correspond to actions or activities in the application domain

You write an OO program just like you write any other program. The difference is in how you design it - by identifying objects and actions in the application domain and modelling them with classes and methods

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thank you j
and how have you been. long time i have since started back the programming course on what I was doing before, i fail so I am doing it over this semester, so I am practicising my java programming skill, it aint all dah hot but i am still trying, there are times when i does feel to give up when i get frustrated.

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I'm fine thanks.
Don't worry if you have periods of frustration, or even despair. It happens to everyone. Learning a full programming environment like Java is never going to be easy. (That's one reason why people who have learned it find it quite easy to get a well-paid job!)

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thanks a lot j

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