Is any one know about Quick Basic is a popular DOS programming language developed in 1980’s and it was widely used by many of the US companies for games, software for small businesses. As the programming technique had easy steps, it derived the name. It is an updated version of BASIC and the language is very simple and easy to learn even by persons who do not have any knowledge about computers. Unlike the latest Windows based software, QBasic is not very colorful and interactive. It is a non-visual compiler purely based on text. Though the earlier versions of QBasic had a very short life but later Microsoft brought back to life and incorporated in some of Windows versions.
plase carryon these discussion to full matter oriented discussion from these start.

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What's the use in discussing obsoleteness?

Perhaps you're looking into the history of programming languages? I found references to Quick Basic doing a web search. Perhaps that would be a good place to start.

as i want to know what are the old and new features which are added to this language so fare....

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