Here's what I need to accomplish. So any help on this would be absolutely magnificent.
I've programmed in WinAPI32, but for fast development I'm looking to use QT IDE in order to connect
to an SQL database. I need to run queries on addresses for stored patience. The address
is to be stored as a string and my program needs to pass this to some other system
I'm hoping you can help suggest that will return the geo coordinates of that address.

I have found various online web sources that take in the address and return coordinates.
Without spending allot of time re-learning java, etc... or using wget to grab the page
and then stream input into the grabbed page only to get returned results is allot of
nasty coding. Is there an easier way ??

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I think that both Google Maps and Nokia's Here have API's that can do that for you (probable web services APIs). You need to do some research on their sites for this. When you pull up Google Maps or Here on your computer or phone, and input an address, it will zoom in on the exact location without problems. You could investigate the HTML/Javascript code that your browser executes to figure that out as well.

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