Hallow everyone!
I'm developing an application that features a bunch of reports and I have been using DataGridView as a way of displaying my reports, which come from the database (programmatically). When I want to print, I have been using a function that prints the datagridview like you are taking a screeshot. This is not good as it can only print what is currently seen in the screen, if I have a long list, then only the part that is on the screen will be printed, until I scroll down and print again.

So I am looking for a way to be able to print reports even if they contain 100+ pages. And as I said, my reports are normally on the DataGridView control.

So I'm wondering, should I be printing from the datagridview or switch to VS 2013 Report Viewer? (I can't afford Crystal Reports -400++USD).

What's your opinion friends, I'm finding it really difficult to print contents of a datagridview, but I also don't know functionalities offered by VS report viewer.

Thank you all.

You can use PrintDocument to make yur report, as per your requirments and print.

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