![Please I need a help on this. I am working on a C# bible projection application like easyworship (www.easyworship.com). I have a challenge, I want to be able to create a replica of their bible search textbox. It can search bible book, chapter and verse in a single textbox. When you click inside the book section of of the textbox, you can type the first letter of the book and it will bring up the book of the bible with the first letter, then you can type a number to choose the chapter (you don't need to move the mouse to the chapter section to be able to get the chapter), the you can now use the right arrow kep or mouse click on the verse section to type and choose the verse.

Please how can I build a textbox that has 3 sections and can accept mouse click on each of the section of the textbox?

Thanks](/attachments/large/4/a8ecac85404a400fdca6009b07be8c7e.JPG "align-center") EasyWorship2.JPG

My first idea would be to derive your own class from TextBox and override th mouseclick event. In it determine wher in your textbox you did click and act accordingly.

Thank you for your reply. Please can you help me with the code for that? Please I will appreciate.

You have to write the code yourself. If you have any problems, show us your code and we will try to help solve the problems. Also don't think, my proposal is the one and only thruth. Maybe you can still come up with a better strategy.

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