Hi People,

I was trying to get data from xml file to my textBoxes in another form.
But i get stuck.. all morning trying, searching on google, forums..

Im trying to on double click in listview item , call my AddPerson(Form) to edit that selected person.. but all ways i tried dont solve.

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Better Explain: i have a form ADDPerson (with textboxes and button ADD (to add data to xml file )) and MainForm with a ListView
with a button ShowData ( From Xml File )..

Now i want to edit the selected person when i double click, to do that i call AddPerson... but i tried all ways
and im not solving the problem :s


Hello mdev:
If I understand your requirements, you have a form with a textboxes and a button, and when you click the button the application adds the information to your data store (in this case an XML file). You mention that "...when i double click, to do that i call AddPerson...", what are you double clicking on?

At first glance it looks like what you want your app to do is allow a user to input person data and also retrieve a selected person, so that the person's data can be edited. Is that corect?


I assume you tried all the different click events related to a ListView?

Also, a little more detail, but are you actually getting the data from the XML successfully?


You might also want to look into using a Master/Detail pattern. You can find a lot of tutorials on Master/Detail in C# using Google or MSDN. :)


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