can anyone say best way to convert java class file into java file

appreciate for your help thanks

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There are decompilers "out there", but whether they provide a correct answer, is a different matter. Most of them support Java up until Java 5 or Java 6.

While there were several huge changes in the language itself, the decompiler may no longer be able to interpret them right.

If you do want the original code, here is what you should do:

  1. If you wrote the code yourself, you should not have tossed it away after compilation

  2. If you didn't write the code yourself, you should ask the original author.

After all, this forum is to help you improve your coding skills, not to help you steal someone else's work.

TextPad is a really straightforward way to do it. But if you want something that offers a little more functionality look at NetBeans IDE or Eclipse. They will tell you errors as you are coding rather than after you compile.

Rubbish. Text pad will not convert a .class file to Java source. Never has.

You need a reverse or de-compiler that meets or exceeds the original version. You will probably get replacement names for almost everything not a native or well known API class, including language primitives, and then only the class name will be right, not the instance or object reference name. For example, it should tell you which objects / references are 'String', 'Integer' or for object 'System'.

Some use pre- or post-compilers to ensure all original name traces are replaced, so reverse compiling does not easily reveal functionality and method.

I misread the question..

thanks for all i got idea about this

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