I am a newcomer to java and jdbc. I am currently trying to develop a web application in which the user can upload a spreadsheet to the form. Is there any way in which contents of the uploaded spreadsheet can be saved to the database?
I am working in eclipse and using postgre sql database.

Thankyou for your help!

what IDE or DB you use are not really relevant.
How new are you to Java? Unless you already have a good solid knowledge of basic Java, I recommend not to start with webapps.

Basically, what you are asking is whether a datafile can be saved in a database ... This has nothing to do with Java, really, rathere with what your DB can do.

Basically, your question is answered here, along with a description of the options you have: PostgreSql_Wiki on binary files

Do you have the spreadsheet as a file, or do you have all the data in arrays or some other data structure. If it's the latter then you can use ordinary SQL commands via JDBC to update the database.