Hi, thanks for any help in advance.

I was hoping to get some guidance for getting started with connecting to an SQL database online. I'm writing an application in Win32 which needs to be able to read/write to a database. I have plenty of experience with C++, but almost no experience with networking. All I need to do is store a list of strings in a database online where they can be accessed and altered from any computer. I've tried getting started with MySQL but I'm not having much luck. I'm not even sure if SQL is the best option. I'm don't know how to create a database on a server, or how to securely connect to that server and read the database.

Could anyone provide any suggestions for how to get started? Thanks!

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Most (all) relational databases have native C/C++ api's that you can use, and most of them also support ODBC as well. For small-medium size databases, MySQL is a good choice. For enterprise size systems, then PostgreSQL or Oracle work well. If you are running on a Microsoft operating system, then MS SQL is a reasonable choice. MySQL and PostgreSQL are open source and free database systems. Oracle is free for personal use. MS SQL is probably not (I'm not sure).

@rubberman Microsoft does offer an express version of MS SQL Server that is free. I am looking at that right now for some time and attendance software that needs a DB for the backend. You can check it out here.

commented: I knew, but forgot about that. Thanks. +13

Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it.

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