I am trying to populate textbox on winsows application from database.

The stored procedure pulls data using datareader. Data looks fine when I execute stored procedure on SQL server management studio.

But when I am trying to populate from the application its not getting same result.

I apprecaite all help.


txtovrts.Text = dr["lst_mod_dt"].ToString();
// returns date only

 txtovrts.Text = Convert.ToDateTime(ds["lst_mod_dt"].ToString("MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss");
 //returns correct date but time stamp is always returned as 12:00:00(which is incorrect)

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Is it possible that the actual datetime value in the database has 00:00:00.000 for the time portion? I tried this with my SQL database and it worked as you wanted. The first time I got 09/14/1994 00:00:00 and my database value was 09/14/1994 00:00:00.000. When I manually set the database value to 09/14/1994 09:17:23.000 then that was the value displayed when I ran the code.

Thansk for response. I have different values in the databse table, its just conversion part seems to be issue in my application. I also cecked executing stored procedure it returns same value as in the table for that particular coulmn.

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