Create a program that will ask for a two numbers and use the selected operators.

How can i create this program without using switch statement? need some help..

You can use a series of if/else branches, or you can create a set of functions for each operator and create a 2d array or 2d vector of operators and the associated function. In the latter method, you look up the operator, and call the associated function with the provided numbers. Using a 2d array will work for both C and C++ as will branching (if/else statements).

Input for character can be taken using

char oper;
cin >> oper; // operation to perform

Comparing operator to char entered

if (oper == '+')
  <add numbers>
else if (oper == '-')
  <subtract numbers>
end if


  case 1 : <action1>
  case 2 : <action2>


if (ch == 1)
else if (ch == 2)
end if

in if-else

For more info, you can check using if-else in c++

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