Is there anyone who can start discussion on "naive bayes classifier"

You just did...

Now, all you need to do is be a bit more specific in what it is you need to know, where you are having difficulties etc.

Hi brother, thanks for reply.....
Actually, i am trying to implement naive bayes classifier for my project there is but lots of confusion i have.
what i did so far:
1)refered this link from wikipedia
2)i dont know whether weka is going to help me or not
WEKA is(this is first tutorial in weka to understand it.there are lots of tutorials present)==>
3)I implemented weka (naive bayes classifer) using its java api.

Now what i want to do:
1)In my project,I have data realted to soil (I am doing classification of soil).
2)I want accept a set of attributes (tuple) from user by which i will get the result which will be dependent on my data into database.

1)can weka help me? (or am i on right track using that weka?)
2)If yes, will you tell me by which way i can use it?
3)If No,please tell me, any track which will guide me to get my output.

Replies and solution both will be highly appreciated...thanks in advance

Friends,I am expecting replies.....
This situation is really very frustrating to me...please,guide a little bit

Finally,I completed my project successfully.
Sorry, but i can't provide whole solution here.

If anyone need any help regarding this situation I will be always there to help you.


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