So basically I just started learning to use Windows forms with c++. I am creating an inventory/point of sale system. I have done the inventory part but now I want to do the sales part but I'm not sure how to go about it. I want to create a function that allows users to purchase items from the inventory. Any suggestions?? Thank you all in advance for your help. I am using sql server btw and I have a datagridview populated with data.

This is quite a wide ranging question. I guess you will need to determine the 'mechanics' of how the user will select inventory items and how many of each. So you'll need a table for storing the users' orders. Will you provide the user with a drop-down list of inventory items or create a grid for them to select items and enter quantities required? Do you want to save each item as the user selects them, or have the user select a 'save' button to commit the order to your database? Once you have determined how you want the user to do the ordering process, you can determine what fields (columns) you will need in the database. You will most likely need to have a cancel item or cancel whole order feature.

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