I wrote an app for a customer which (among other things) takes a chart generated by an Excel workbook, and places it on the C# GUI. But the customer is not satisfied with the image which is a jpg. (The C# app currently saves the Excel chart as a jpg file, then loads it into the a picture box of the C# GUI. The customer requests that it be a picture in EMF format. I have found lines of code on forums for saving an Excel chart to the clipboard, then pasting it into the picture, also for saving it as a metafile, and uploading it, and other solutions. But I am having problems with each of them. Does anyone have working code that takes an Excel chart off an Excel worksheet, and places a high resolution image of it into the picture box of the GUI of a c# program? Thank you very much.

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I googled export emf from excel in C# and found some items that might help. Example.

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