Can someone help me with my assignment?

Help yes, do work for you, no.

Please post the code you have tried already, the part that is causing you a problem ... and a copy paste of the compiler error message, if any.

Also, the specs for the program, (or a brief description of what the program is supposed to do), so we can easily see what you were supposed to do.

Yeah I will as soon as I can..thanx

You are required to write a program that calculates and prints the bill for Viti Telephone Company. The company offers two types of services: regular and premium: its rate very depending on the type of service.

The rates are computed as follows:

Regular Service
$10.00 plus first 50 minutes are free.
Charges for over 50 minutes are $0.20 per minute

Premium Service
$25.00 plus
Calls made from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM, the first 75 minutes are free charges over 75 minutes are $0.10 per minute.
For Calls made from 6.00 PM to 6.00 AM, the first 100 minutes are free; charges for over 100 minutes are $0.05 per minute.

Your program should prompt user to enter an account number, a service code (type char), and the number of minutes service was used. A service code of r or R means regular service; a service code p or P means premium service. Treat any other character as an error. Your program should output the account number, type of service number of minutes the telephone was used and the amount due from the user.

For the premium service, the customer may be using the service both during the day and at night. Therefore to calculate the bill, you must ask the user to input the number of minutes the service was used during the day and for the number of minutes the service was used at night

Thats da question...can sumbody make this program run plizz

What program? I see no code posted here. As we've already said, you need to demonstrate that you have made an attempt in earnest to solve to assignment, and post useful information about the problems you are experiencing and pose meaningful questions about the issues you are experiencing.

We will not do your homework for you. Is that clear enough? We'll assist you in fixing it, but you won't get a whole project written for you by anyone here.

Can you solve the problem on paper?

If you can ... then turn those steps into code ... and show it, as far as you can go.

write a program that continuously requests a grade to be entered if the grade is less than 0 or greater than 100 your program should print an appropriate message informing that the user an invalid has been entered else the grade should be added to a total.when a grade of 999 is entered the program should exit the repetition loop and compute and display the average of the valid grade entered

kalsu: Not only are you doing exactly what we told the OP not to do, you are hijacking another poster's thread to do it. If you persist in this sort of behavior, you are likely to get banned from the site.

Please start a new thread, and explain a) what you have already tried to do to solve your homework problem, and b) what problems you are experiencing in solving it.

If you want a free homework solution given to you, you have come to the wrong place; we recommend you quit the course and find something you are more suited to than programming. Otherwise, show us that you have made a good-faith effort to do the work yourself before coming here looking for help.