Is it possible to format a cell so that an angle in degrees can be shown as an angle in degrees minutes and seconds? Any help would be much appreciated...

Hi grandfilth,

I tried to format a control for degrees minutes and seconds and, just like you, could not do it. So I made these two little routines that will do the job for you, one converting from decmal degrees to degrees, minutes and seconds and the other converting back to decimal degrees.

Remember that this is a 20 min job so everything might not be perfect.

Hope this helps


Cool page, thanks for the link.


Can i use this in excel 2003 and if so how?


I don't see why you could not use it in XL 2003. Just copy-paste the two conversion functions into a module and then call them from the spreadsheet.

I tested it in the attached spreadsheet (XL 2000), remember to check your macro security settings.


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