i need to connect my PC to Micro controller through Bluetooth,to make it simple my PC will continuously send string to Micro controller depending upon string micro controller performs task ,can this post will be useful to my problem else can u please guide me?
Thanks in advance

Guide you with what? just post what you have so far and explain (clearly and detailled) what is going wrong. There are plenty people here who are willing and able to help, no doubt.

Is there any particular reason to do this in Java? Do you already have Java expertise? Maybe you could do it more easily in a scripting language.

first of all i am comfortable with java,what i need to do is i need send some information from my PC to hardware(micro controller) through bluetooth,i am just struck with java bluetooth api which i am not getting proper tutorial.Can u please help me with tutorial link or any notes...
thanks in advance

Personally I've never used the Java Bluetooth libraries, so I can't help you, sorry, but I'm sure you can find whatever tutorials and samples exist on the web...
Hopefully someone else will be able to help.