Hi Im stuck doing these in 2d arrays also I dont really get whats its asking for. If someone could help me out I would appreciate it a lot.

Find the average for July over 4 years= 87.5
Find the average for the first 6 months in the first year= 87.83
Find the average for the 12 months over the first and the last year. You sum the 12 months for the first year and the last year and divide the total by 24= 82.46

What have you tried?

It would help if you would show us an example of the (file) data (structure) that you seem to need to read and process,

Thats one of the problems i kinda dont understand what its asking me to do like find the average of what july over 4 years and such

So ... show us an example of the data you were given to process.

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