Hi all!

I have just developed an application on VB.NET with mysql. I then need to deploy this to clients workstations. The plan is to install mysql server on one computer and have all other clients connect to this. What do I need to install on the server and what do I need on client computers? I have had to ask because this is what I have done so far which I expect should work;

  1. Installed mysql server, using mysql community installer, this one has some options to choose (Developer default, server only....), what do I have to install here?
  2. I have installed myql connector for VB.NET on clients.

But I keep getting that error "can not load assembly mysql data version=" whenever I try to connect to mysql from the application.

Everything works perfectly on my development machine.

So, what exactly is needed on the client computers? Can someone make this clear plese, I seem to be missing something.

Thanks..Peace to the world!

Besides the MySQL connector, you may need the MySQL client on the client machines. Also, make sure that you are installing the correct MySQL Connector and Client versions. They may have already had a different version installed and that is still the default.

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