Hello well I always wanted to make a videogame i just didnt know how so I read up on some books and kinda learned a little bit
but what would be the best programming language for making a game that would do well and not a game that is just made of blocks or stuff like that so could you please help

What language depends upon a lot of things, such as the platform you want to target - computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. as well as whether it's for Windows, Apple, Android, Linux, et al. Also, some parts may be one language (low-level stuff) and other parts another language (graphics, audio, etc). You obviously have a lot more to learn before you start on this long road. Some of the early PC games written by friends of mine were done in assembly language, others in Pascal, Basic, and C. These days, PC games are often written in C++ and C. A lot of Windows phone games are webapp and javascript based. Android games are usually in Dalvik (Java), and on and on.

Thanks I'll try to start taking classes (online) to learn how this works