pls can i get a code for the following example


I think you need to give more detail on what you want and also you have to show what you have so senior friend call help you out with the basic you have

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it's code

int main(){

int i,j,k;

int count = 0;

for( i=0; i<10; i++ ){

    if( i%2 == 0 )
        for( j=0; j<i; j++ ){
        for( k=0; k<i; k++ ){

    if( i!= 0)

return 0;

dbfud1988: I know you meant well, but please do not just hand out code like this. Doing so goes against the 'no cheating' policy here at DaniWeb. We can assist and give advice, but we try to avoid simply answering homework assignments for students, as it interferes with the learning process. Tru,e there are borderline instances, and nearly everyone here has overstepped that line at some point or another, but this is a pretty clear-cut instance where providing code gratis is a Bad Thing.

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I am at a loss to understand what you are trying to say. If you are 'not interested' in following the rules of the forum, I think you will find yourself banned by the moderators rather quickly. I'm not at all clear as to what the second sentence is meant to refer to; it simply makes no sense in this context.

As for not being American, most of the posters here are not, either, yet the rules apply to everybody. It has nothing to do with nationality, and everything to do with Daniweb's policies.

Dont try to solve your homework here.