hi all ihave required a program any body help me please

Write a programme that use three arrays mango, orange and banana to store the number of fruits purchased by customer. The programme inputs the number of mangoes, oranges and bananas to be purchase by customer and stored them in crosssponding arrays. The finally display the total bill of each customer according to the following price
Rs. 20 per mango
Rs. 10 per orange
Rs. 5 per banana
The output should appear as followsCustomer number  
mangoes oranges bananas total bill1 
   5      10      12      260

kindly help me i dont know anything please

It'd be great to post what code you already have. People here can help you with your questions, just specify 'em. I don't think it's nice to post the program you require just yet.

Anyway, what if you try to construct the algorithm for your program first? That seems like a good place to start.

Can you write a 'shell' program that compiles and runs ok ...
producing the exact output expected?

What might you put in a start-up working 'shell'?

#include <iostream>

const int MAX_SIZE_HERE = 10; // keep small at start to keep testing easy //

int main()
   // print some opening message ...

   // declare your arrays
   // in a loop for i from 0 to < MAX_SIZE_HERE
   int i = 0
   while( i < MAX_SIZE_HERE )
      // prompt for each fruit and also take in num_desired each 
      // and store at index i in each array
      // ...
      // ...
      // ...
      // ...
      // calculate and show bill for this index i

      ++ i; // update array index

    // print some ending message if needed ...
    std::cout << "\nAll done now.\n";

    // add these next 2 lines if needed ...
    std::cout << "\nPress 'Enter' to continue/exit ... ";
    std::cin.get(); // to keep 

And remember, we don't do your homework for you. We get really cranky when people post the assignment, but not their work...

write a programme that inputs ten integers in array and count all prime numbers entered by users.the programme finally displays total number of primes in array.

@waqas tayyab,

If you wish help on your different C++ programming problem,
please start 'a new thread'.

Do NOT just add your different question to the end of an existing one.

Also, you need to show us the code that you have tried so far ...
and any compiler errors.