I've been using DB Browser for SQLite to peer inside database for debugging. It's been very good and simple to use.

However it does not support a DB which has a password.
It is fine with DB that I do not have password.

Wondering if anyone knows of a db browser that does support password protected (encrypted).

Not sure if this is correct place to ask this, but could not find another suitable place.

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    [SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager](http://sqlite2009pro.azurewebsites.net/) says it supports encrypted databases; I don't have any personal experience with it. Read More

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    Well, crap; sorry. It says "Encrypted database support" right on the page I linked... Read More

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    Hm. Do you need a GUI? [The 'sqlite3' tool that ships with SQLite](http://www.sqlite.org/cli.html) should work well if you don't mind a text interface. Read More


Thanks gusano79.

Unfortunately that cannot password protected.

It asks for password but fails saying it's encrypted.

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Well, crap; sorry. It says "Encrypted database support" right on the page I linked...


Indeed it does, that's why I tried it, it also makes a reference to system.data.sqlite but the 3 encrytion types it offers do some seem to be what my version of it (latest to date) uses :(


I thought I'd give this one last try with SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager.

I'm glad I did because it worked, I'm sorry but I have no idea what I might have been doing wrong before.
If I enter password and select "RSA ADO compatible" it is able to open the passworded database.

Thank you kindly and apologies for incorrect info in previous posts.

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