I'm using the titled library from http://dotnetzip.codeplex.com/

I've zipped up a few folders and files zip.AddDirectory(path); where path is a fully qualified path to the folder I want to zip.

When I extract zip.ExtractAll(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "Zipped"); I get the whole directory hierarchy in the "Zipped" folder.

That is fine if I want to restor files to the original folders, but I have a need to also extract to a user defined folder, and I'd like for just the relative for want of a better word folders to be extracted.

I'm having some trouble finding the explanation I want to say so I'll illustrate with a pic of the archive when I open with 7-Zip.


So if the user selects C:\Extracted\ as the target folder I only want the files and folders I see to be extracted to that location without "C:\users\susan\documents\my doc...etc"

I hope you understand, and thank you for reading my question.

I should add that I tried zip.FlattenFoldersOnExtract = true; but that just extracts all files without any folder structure at all, which is not what I want.

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Apparently that option isn't available in that library. One workaraound that I read about is to extract to a temp folder then move the specific folder where you want. The only other option, I'm aware of, is to modify the library to allow it explicitly.


That's a shame, in my mind it's very basic functionality and I thought I was just missing something.


Did a little more investigating for you. The answer seems to be in the creation not in the extraction. Using the .net ZipFile class I was able to get relative folders inside the archive by setting the Environment.CurrentDirectory to the parent folder of the folder I want to archive. I would imagine that this would work with the library you're using. If not, to use the .net classes you need to add a reference to System.IO.Compression.Filesystem and add the using command using System.IO.Compression; in your .cs file

If all your archives are created with relative folders, the worst that might happen is you'll have to create the parent folder structure you want, before extracting.

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