I have Button A and Button B. How to make Button A, same with action like Button B ?

For example , if I click Button A , it will do calculation x = 1 + 1 . Button B also will do that if I click at somewhere else.

But, I dont want to copy the same code in A to the code B . It will make longer for my case.

PLease help ..

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If you want to avoid duplicate code use a method. In this case call it doCalculation or something like that.



To add to ddanbe recommendation of using a method to keep your code clean and DRY (do not repeat yourself), you can also make use of the controls Handles clause which allows you to specify what events a controls method is bound to. So for example, you could state that the click event of button1 is also bound to button2:

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click, Button2.Click
    MessageBox.Show(doCalculation(1, 1).ToString)
End Sub

Private Function doCalculation(a As Integer, b As Integer) As Integer
    Return a + b
End Function

Ideally, you would rename Button1_Click to something more appropriate as it is handling the click event of two buttons.


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You may also want to look into AddHandler which allows you to add the same handler to multiple controls.

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