Richtextboxeditor richt = new Richtextboxeditor();
                                        // richt = new RichTextBox();
                                        //Editor richt = new Editor();
                                        richt.Enabled = true;
                                        richt.Visible = true;
                                        richt.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(txtBoxStartPosition, txtBoxStartPositionV);
                                        richt.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(300, 100);
 richt.**text** = drtest["DValue"].ToString();


                                i have create a user control and want to bind the value in richt.text,but here .text is not showing..please help me and i have to be show it on richt control..please help me it is urgent


What is Richtextboxeditor? Is it a custom control or something or am I missing something?

If you want a RichTextBox then declare your richt variable as follows:

RichTextBox richt = new RichTextBox();

Then you will have access to the Text property.